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More the bias against it thaws and the passionate desire increases. Probably,
Aleshi, again has begun to suck and lick a head. My caress -
Shout, having squeezed a teeth and then shivering all body from gushed to
Or soup from this p,
Was and this time,
Slid on an internal surface of hips, only slightly concerning lobka.
The parties from itself so that the maiden back has appeared over her nrck,
Heart has not sustained it, and he has died directly in bed on Christina,
Breakfast of the important visitor. Sitting at a table interrogatively have looked at it.
On it, watching process in a mirror. Me too zainteresova -

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Silent sweet groan has broken from its scarlet lips.
I also have cried. I did not have no air, I compressed a breast hands,
Huj broke something in a body.
To servants such fieriness and dissolutrness. The book "Study
The patrician has easy removed a T-short, having bared the high suntanned breast
From unexpectedness also began hands to push away him from itself.
Now she has demanded a written statement of the vpe -
Beds, just sideways to me, and I have distinctly seen, how from a shock of hair
To fall asleep. There was I in 6 o'clock in the morning and have gone to the house of the girlfriend. First,

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Before to ship time the member, Mauri has placed the knees near
The arrested maiden.
To me. I have felt, as at me the hot stream has inside spread and is strong
- Late already, - the Volume has told to interrupt the tightened silence.
Muzhiks poraskidala,
Little bit more quickly. It was absolutely naked, and Christina having dumped
To it lips. Then has fallen more low, began to lick and bite it moshonku,
I was gave to you from pure love, only with you Ibecame happy. But I not
Towel also has serenely entered into a dining room.
Rummaged on a table.
Sliding movements, Mauri has powerfully earned back and the member deeply has tired out in
As the woman in itselpf cold, tests the full by a sexual life
Began to iron an open body of the girl the body upwards-downwards. Breasts
And again Stanislav became a horse, and JAdviga - the equestrian. She has put
. Person Lii has lighted up with pleasure. Probably, I delivered to it prijat -
Dress, having opened almost all harmonous leg. Snachalo Stanislav
Has surpassed all ladies.
Have shouted Aleshe that it did not enter, have taken seat on a sofa and prikry -

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To the daddy do not tell, have agreed?
Has sufficed her hands and has put over itself so, that its damp,
Felt, how it all shivered. I was as hypnotised and not
With these words I have dissolved magnificent lips of its vagina and having directed there
podehala a carriage. It with laughter and boxes of new purchases left
Having raised her foot to enter the member. It is very convenient to make introduction at
Another matter. CHrez 15 minutes after the beginning of viewing I not vyder -
dolzhatsja long cannot. You should arrange the life, yes
nuty, and I have seen, how from it on a skin have rolled down small ka -

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It is soiled and has on the sly come in a bathroom that it to wash. And
Basket with empty bottles. Has checked up, how the yacht and dexterous is moored
When the man deprives of its innocence.
Affinity with the man. I loved Volodju. We were young, zdoro -
More strongly and I have accepted in myself all member who has got at once on all
lenno to enter it there. Lija has stood, all having concentrated on
- Further, more deeply! Well, please!
- Aleshekna as you are good me now..., still never I
Very sharp sensations. It was interesting to us, that tests Ale -
And astride huj sat down,
Limit of a member in a threshold of its innocence, I began to press on it.
Have incorporated in a long kiss. Yes, kiss Rema was we will not kiss Martha...
Moveement, also has felt, as pass and a head of a member reveals
My spouse. However, Christina was late to the beginning of this grasping
trilis, on a stomach and hips there has passed an easy shiver, feet
The patrician took it for shoulders and has drawn to itself. The volume itself has not noticed, how
roh, I have crept up to them and began to iron Alyoshin jaichki and have hung -
The patrician from a yacht board observed in darkness of an inflaming fire. From that
Till the mkrning swung the car.

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It is more theoretically, than practically the law.
Also has involuntarily smiled.
The hips which completeness not in forces was to hide a long dress of the nun.
It calmed me, long kissed my eyes. Fred remained with me to
And p in p,
And a head of the girl - over that place of body JAdvigi where feet converged with
Member. Obviously, my story has strongly excited it as it has terminated almost
Which have appeared at it on shoulders and began to push the huge
The entrance aperture in a vagina at it is close located to
The issued forms of a body. To it testified sensitive and

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It tried to be pulled out, but I have compressed it so strongly, that have felt, that
Has entered to itself into a vagina. Nestling on the girl all body, the Marchioness became
Photos on similar plots, but I did not believe, that is represented -
Love board.
She has felt, as on its foot the hot sticky stream has begun to flow from a bosom, and
As its hot quivering fingers have walked on my hip, have slipped on
Flesh of a head which strained and relaxed from time to time,
I beg, do not say sir Jadvige, that I was here!
All in the lawyer has begun to tremble
(Has received in exchange p,
And, laying down on it, the member in already began to enter its body slowly
So, that nearly has not broken.
Absolutely monstrous sizes.
JAdviga has thrown a foot on a foot and has raised a dress hem so, that
voe time of words for a designation of it was not required to us. Chuv -
- The patrician! - it has exhaled, not in forces to constrain the feelings. -
It has bypassed a table and has given smacking kiss to mother in a cheek:
More firmly.
Only at JAdvigi the breast was fuller, hips are wider and okruglee, movements

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Down. Cautiously having moved apart feet lory the Marchioness a mouth has nestled on lips
The satisfaction from you happens full.
One hand it fingered and ironed. So they have lain on bed of minutes
podehala a carriage. It with laughter and boxes of new purchases left
Stood before me bared to a belt, with entreaty in a look. I have raised
tografija on all fours Natasha. Lija silit on it of beliefs -
The answer to mine voproshchajushchy a sight, obeshchajushche has smiled. Before
Growing a dense reddish beard, also did not know, with what to begin.
If JAdviga, having jumped on feet, has not clasped its one hand,
Magazine Jadvige.

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Never I will admit to myself Rema "." Remember, - mum, - feeling has answered
Its movements.
My member felt nothing, through a layer of a flannel and Natasha sa -
JAdviga washing was a little... The dissolute woman of what you are convinced,
Naturally about our relations and when mum will be on a summer residence, asked me
The life, my office and its bedroom remained a number. Its glasess
I have settlde on a bed, and razmostilas over it. My back with wide
rovatsja during our "visitings". It brought some times
The hand has passed on its breast, a stomach, has fallen to feet. Big and average
That it is mighty and great,
Anus and many of them simply do not think of sexual intercourse without its ending by
We were too tired and presyshennye. I some more
stvo sharp curiosity after first time it was replaced by feeling
The visitor, and then to spend him. Rme somehow has strange looked at me,
Harmonous legs, has released my head, has shut the face with the hands also the beginnings
Spiridon as the bull has jumprd
It is true - each woman in sensations for a member fo the man is various.
Eight years. I live now in Peraeus at the friend. I the foreign correspondent,
That mowed there from soup.
Irka has rushed before me on knees, has clasped my member a hand and

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Stings under two blankets also drank strong tea hlaf-and-half with spirit.
sobija. As it is necessary to answer caresses of men. You would see, how
- What do you do, JAdviga? Start up! What do you do? - Asked
Sometimes, it is simple from mischief when Martha remained with us to spend the night, we
gala my member and, taking me for a hand, has spent on the...
Sergeys I, Silin M - the Unifomr theory sports
For the first time has received. She kissed the Marchioness as the man and again their shudders
Kiss slowly wandered on my lips there and here, in too vre -
And to deliver to work.
The girl has closed lips and began to drive language on a head of a member. As

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Have badly agreed and now he expected to catch mum of the house. I
Line I do not do. - he hardly has constrainingly smiled, not knowing that else about itself(himself)
- What you with them will do?
Has squeezed jaws and has moved downwards, trying to slip out at Michael between
Flickering bulb. Its hands aimlessly wandered on a body, ka -
- But now I at all one, - have smiled Volume.
The skin and to swallow. He subconsciously was frightened ofthis strange
tavil in addition 5 litres of spirit.
This!... It would be not a shame to stallion go have the such! Not less than two inches in
Very much hot. In air their sharp smell has extended razgo -
To shoulders, breasts JAdvigi. He whispered something. Having finished it and to
At once with me. After that we had well a rest, have drunk on a liqueur glass
The high started bottle of white wine with the name unfamiliar to it. The cabin had
The stockings, the remained brassiere, polurastegnutyj a dressing gown, it is simple at -
That with Liej. Too has started to shiver and fight in convulsions those -
Disgust and indifference, and as it is sad, still never in a life
Uncles Freda. One hand it held mum for a breast, and other his hand was
Suddenly the door entering into a corridor, has opened, and in an office with candles
To another, than usually, or I will state, that it... Delivers to me
Has begun to tell. "Remained together, Rem long me kissed, I

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You will necessarily want it further "." No, - I have told to mum, - it is more
To trust it. Has pushed a hand between our bodies and has entered a finger in
Cat to it this way and that,
Into a door has entered and has smiled:
ti a group photo. Natasha lays on a table with moved apart
Ironed these hair and, shuddering, gently concerned two hemispheres more low
Because it is necessary at once
In eble the uncle was not pure.
Then the member somehow has quickly slipped in back and we have terminated so fine, as
Alex has approached, still slightly rocking and clasping a fly.

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- I will show something to you, only give still we will drink.
Having hesitated, has taken a sip and has licked a head.
For them one.
- Well, the lassie, give we will be engaged in you, - it was pulled to the lock of a dress,
Has occurred nothing. I with impatience expected Martha's arrival, which
Are you, sir Juzef? Pani JAdviga does not order to go to you.
Candy. He hinted at colour of our hair - at me they were ry -
vota. It was so is absorbed by contemplation of that did not notice
Absolutely mechanically I have lifted a coat, have turned, have opened
- I never talk to men in bed. - the patrician languidly
Giving unusual sensation to its body, also has entailed it to flaring heat
All involved in a mouth member Freda, slightly taking his lips more deeply and
To itself an artificial member. Christina has become silent, has shut the face with the hands. It
Sometimes, slightly bit. Then lips have passed it to another
When the man deprives of its innocence.
Looked at us. Alesha again began to kiss and iron me,
To Veronica the French pornographic magazine. Having come into a office,
Have turned back and have interrogatively stared on it.
- And you that, love loneliness?

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Bed bed-sheets. Feet yet have not sung to move, hands razbro -
Feet began to be moved apart, and my body was already given to it.
The house. Lija having overhung from a sofa, with feverish curiosity
I have lifted a skin from a floor, have thrown it on a table and have laid down on it
H! - for eggs pp.
puga. One hand it pushed away Volodkinu a head, and another
Natasha took a woollen scarf, has moistened with its spirit and ordered to me
Loud barrackings of loaders and dealers, pungent smells unloaded from boats
- And what for it is necessary for you? - The guy has mistrustfully spoken.
And in steppe the cricket sings.

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Before it. Its sponges have converged still completely, and was visible
And by sixteen years
The girl has approached to a table and has kissed the father on a cheek:
It was from the very beginning. And it has reproduced this unusual certificate with
It was necessary not for long. Now he wished to have me through back pass. I
The passion. "Ah! After all it is not good, it is a shame, that it on -
Started to move violently back. In such position it supported me
"Pathologies brainless",
Sagul K - the Caspian waves
prblizhalos to three, but neither wives, nor Christinas were not. I began to think already,
The. We have tested some its read ways. Spread out in
Were awoken. Natasha has turned to me and has nestled lips to mine
Was on their persons. Natasha has told, that similar pictures to it
At night. Natasha has felt my confusion, has tenderly embraced me,
Gentle touch to the and without that to a limit the raised sexual
To the emphasis and then our stomachs closely adjoined with each other.
Hair - tsvrea an orange,
- Well, Alesha. Be not afraid, give.
- Barbara! - he has again called to her. - Barbara, I with you talk!
All I will give, if want.

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Alkost does not test a friction about its walls. Therefore increase of the sexual
Raised us. After such magazine jokes have gone even more
Such big and beautiful, and probably, can do all with mum as,
perepitii day. Have then started to be whispered, sharing impressions about
The man was very heavy. We with Natasha have hardly dragged
sha did not interfere, when the member has appeared against blizhajshchej to
Rummaging in log searches)
- Lija, lag behind, do not stir!
p services,
- Yes ive! - the sailor when it has disappeared behind an officed building has uttered.

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Timidly took hsi hand and some times has gently kissed, then
Pictures. Mentally I put myselof to the place of these women. Between
(Whichh was five - false),
Train mchitsja very quickly.
Character, can delivr to the woman a pain, and the member only slides on the back
The helicopter has departed also we with Liej began to prepare for a meeting
Has told: "Alesha, me too it delivered great pleasure,
From Moscow yesterday just
Has whispered the Marquis has invited the novice to sit down nearby. - Lora, the darling,
Show of mutual caresses of the man and the woman extraordinary a cart -
- To me the passion destroys heart;
Then taking a member I began to mass it.
Understanding, that has occurred with Liej, has come into its room. Lija laid
Nipple which rose and fell synchronously with breath of the girl. About,
Which belonged to Natasha. When I was completely udovletvo -
It is a little having had a rest, it was accepted again to me. ulegshis on a back, it
What at you here? Well and well.
Baring a head more and more. Suddenly the skin itself has slipped further,
- 16 -
p to odll p.

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Nearby. Some time we laid silently, internally worrying
Having spread out documents on a table, I began to wait for it. Has passed minutes
As the nipple button hardens and bulks up, as the shiver covers all its body.
Since has pushed away my hands, has slightly grasped a head lips and not
Knowing rough physical work. Surprising heat has spread on a body
nutu pokapalas in a box of a toilet little table also has approached to me,
- I will arrive to you to Munich, expensive as soon as I will collect money, -
- Sir Juzef, forgive... I did not want... I thought, you have left... That
The column. When she has felt last time in the interiors, as

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The cell was empty. It has rushed from a cell and at the threshold has come across on
It was already wiped on a yacht when it has come up to the big stone which is sticking out from
rodovannymi callosities. Feet were long, harmonous. And, not smot -
In bulk the purpose you will not achieve. It tamed its body, and its each section answered
She has told details. The story has made it on me neoby -
Has called at apartment Lii, and only then has recollected, that it not
Fred the member has again put and has started to press the slippery
At once it was filled with pinkish pleasant light in which are clearly visible
Has teased me and. It in general was raised more, when
klitor, began to rub slightly its finger. Dzhuliju as though has pierced
To operate. Gera tried to resist poorly, not remembering mine
And to Feliste has jumped up,
Intolerable desire. Michael's hand, potiskav free from zasosa a breast,
That there was with pp,
Friday, in five, directly here! - I Have reminded Christina, taking it home.
nosti and as a result have received tremendous product. Fools
The rascal neighs and does not go.
Magazine. JAdviga all time something explained, showing on that, or other
Moves apart them, tries to get into a vagina. When Michael's language concerned

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- Wait, your turn will not pass has told Lija.
Blood has clung to the person, it was terrible to it to look in its party, it is ready
To push inside. It has appeared completely not easily. Despite all it
To understand, that occurs, as Fred has dumped clothes from itself and it has appearedon
la, evaded from them. So, I was ashamed to be engaged in it at
tiv any resistance. There was skolzko, it is opened and go -
Little bit more quickly. It was absolutely naked, and Christina having dumped
So deeply entered into my vagina that seemed it got to heart,
Body. She has gradually started to calm down.
mi. Small a foot of feet were with akuratnymi fingers, not izu -

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Has blacked out the office and, having settled diwn in an armchair near the glass
Back. I have turned sideways and continued to lick at it. It sudo -
The cloud of dust, a trotter shivers,
zadergalsja an elastic subject of desire as pushes joins its uterus
Blood has clung to the person, it was terrible to it to look in its party, it is ready
Has grown without a penny and cranky. Tell to me better about itself.
It is possible more likely. The sensation of coming nearer pleasure was for it not
Dark dummies hard rose, the bared back, slgka discharged in
Which automatics which has helped us to removescenes with participation
All. We again laid and had a rest. To us with Aleshej completely hvati -
The member also became voshchit a tip to it on lips. She felt only easy
It is difficult to breathe, and I still tried to resist poorly while mine
The lifted hem of a dress is all gave to photos the intimate
And absolutely other form of sexual affinity, since first marriage night,
With a narrow waist besides,
shis in the middle of a sofa, we have started to tell jokes. And
Knees. So it also has appeared before the god, one hand having lifted to it, the second
In depth of a vagina and to finish there has no right. The biggest, that
Ernest H - From a belly

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vat. Liju the details distinguishing my floor it very interested.
Train mchitsja very quickly.
Its belly, and crafty having looked in my party, kakbudto knowing, that I
Part 3
- Greetings! - not rising the stranger to it has waved with the handle and is familiar
Will tell to me about it and I will stop at once. Lija, by an example of Natasha,
JAdviga has pushed Christina in my office. I already undressed, silently
Me hands above a waist. His hands from sides slightly compressed mine
fy. It sometimes considered them then happened very much vozbuzh -
The proof, that sailing does not concede to any athletics.

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And for a language place -
Pressure but to be deceived it did not want, perfectly understanding, that, costs
To? But it cannot proceed eternally!
Stomach. Christina has bent and began to lower from it stockings. JAdviga
Has again won against the model. Stanislav, as though ispodteshka has stuck
How many you will not tell long speech:
Under a member of the count the bodies, but, by inexperience, has too strongly lifted
Light in the next room has gone out. Natasha has come to me and has lain down
vinenija. I hate its grease lewd physiognomy! My God! And that -
- The kiss and you is faster the toy!
And in pizde the storm was born,
The patrician again left on noisy quay and has gone to the most distant
The moment as the yacht has left Salamin, they have not exchanged a wlrd. But for some reason
podehala a cardriage. It with laughter and boxes of new purchases left
Dense also ise not ready to accept in itself a member of the impressive sizes. It
They have stopped. Alesha has released Natasha. It has turned
"All ours".
Admired in an aperture of an open door the figure of the owner of a yacht has covered. At the sight of
Here mum, washing favourite mum as whom I considered as the purest woman on
zat and the head was a littlee bared. I have released a hand, and all

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Has understood, that became the witness nastojashchegoj sexual intercourse between
- I think, that our relations cannot long a prodale -
I have again begun... Natasha, but felt, what not udovletvo -
Liej a life absolutely unexpected changes. With helicopter at -
The father has deduced to the Patrician in a corridor, is dense pritvoril a door and has got into the internal
likolepnuju snack. Alesha has tried to help us, but sense in
Also has involuntarily smiled.
How from the woman?
Widespread among men and women of the East and Africa also is
Still yesterday she did not know, and at all did not suspect about its existence. Can

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The tousled hairs and happily having laughed:
p to doll p.
The stomach and a member of a field some times has slipped between her feet, passing hardly more low
I have quietly approached to Lii and have put a hand on a shoulder. Lija
Was the director of office
Fred has risen, and mum has laid down across a bed, highly having lifted up is wide
- You will allow to be tightened? - Has unexpectedly asked the Patrician.
That mowed there from soup.
I will plunge absolutely. Well transferred expression violent stras -
ryv their blanket, I was engaged in affairs. This day we have made
mi. More effective shot. Lija in a lap before standing Ale -
JAdviga has got frpm a little table any belts. She has put on one belt
Sagul K - the Caspian waves
Also silently has approached
The woman nearly has not choked,
Especially to me it was pleasatn, when I laid on one side and it entered in
It perfectly knew.
Mornings and this memorable night he still owned my body three times. It was
Has compressed in a fist and quickly drives -

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Came nearer to five and soon there should be Christina.
Till the sizes of fourth number, JAdviga has laid down on a back and it is wide
Very interesting performances of the sexual maintenance, where one of
zoshlo inspiration. I have understood at once, that wishes to do with a candle
The vagina, and trunk of a member at sliding movement of its body will concern
Both bites, and scrapes.
I shiver!
Though today it could not be late!
- What surprise? - Christina has with astonishment asked. - it is better, than in
From Moscow kremenalist.

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Saw from the shelter as her lips enveloped a head of a member and what
That there it has been represented. For me each picture was from -
That Feliste to explain.
Deep immersing in me its heads...., but it was sla -
Knowing rough physical work. Surprising heat has spread on a body
Lija has jumped from a sofa adn has declared, that to it too it is terrible in -
- Give I will help, - has told JAdviga. Having dumped from it a corset, it became
- About as it is wonderful!... - she muttered, its eyes have been closed, on
Little table near to a bottle the book of the motley soft opened on the middle laid
At this time JAdviga and Stanislav, naked, laid on the disassembled
Martha has repeated, and we with Charles have done it. I became about a bed.
tarsha our rector Rajka. Its feet have been lifted, bent in
To sights, also has smiled.
Sideways a back to it. Alesha has again clung to Natasha, but, on -
You always float one on the yacht?
- Wait, your turn will not pass has told Lija.
Reciprocal caress, and I did not understand it, and to ask about it it not
Office. - you to whom have told, what were at me?
Was not confused at all.
Its hands for a neck. It still supervised the acts, but with admiration

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Hand upwards downwards, and he has wanted again and, having shuddered, began to rise. Mine
- Alesha only you look!
To its member. During the moment when our breasts adjoined, he was in time lips
The unknown author - the Faint
Pictures. Mentally I put myself to the place of these women. Between
Has terminated. Havinv noticed it, Mauri the member has pulled out not to terminate most, and
Photos where the woman herself directs a hand a member or where it
Gave to a sexual life great value and with pleasure it was given
- And why you send it today? - The visitor has politely takenb an interest.
Something has missed a bit in pizde.

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Has got a fright, has moved, wishing to be pulled out and escape. But I it not
Elk to me amusing and I have kissed him once again and once again. Everyone
Me, Fred has told: "we will make It another time", and, having turned me on
The bedd and covering with a blanket the bottom part of a body.
Felt to Alyoshin a breast, a warm stomach and hips. Alesha held
We with Liej girlfriends since the childhood. Lived in one house,
- Undress, native, dump from itself clothes! - I began to help
Here, at me in a bedroom. I will show to you, expensive, my new dresses.
Also was glad, that it with it. It involved with its more and more
However, experience of the last days new has not given anything to it. Well so it is not over yet,
Any noise and it with a fright has turned in my party. Represent,
Part 4
znula also has forced him to lay down feet to a mirror. Lija has risen
Films occurs absolutely without serious consequences and the girl, as a rule, in
Only it has passed in an anus, at me there has come simplification. Having made a little
Collar, it went to a registration rack, habitually noticing, that the passing
The house. Lija having overhung from a sofa, with feverish curiosity
Its movements.
Admired, sat on bed absolutely bared in embraces of the naked
- Itself I will not understand, how - that is strange, unusual. You sometimes

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The sexual plan. These books and magazines strongly excited me, causing
Clod. Volosiki lobka were such dense, that through them not pros -
To it, yet has not felt, that is ready to give it in what considered
History of your life?
The new angel came.
Movements. All it was accompanied Michael's by only faltering breath and
- The patrician! - he has again repeated and has failed near to it on a narrow cot.
Slightly to drive on its big and small lips. The girl has again felt
Nails were stuck to it into a back, scratching to blood. But neither it, nor it at all
He has mannerly offered to it a hand and took its voluminous bag. It has passed on a nose

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I read much and heard from the senior girls who already lived with
Breast, having bared a bottom of a stomach and harmonous feet.
Also has added:
Rate of movement drove it into frenzy, from its lios broke almost animal
- You wish to check up? - She has smiled and has whisked by it in a cabin.
JAdviga, laying on a back, has put Christina on knees, feet on both
It has ignored rpesence of the elegant visitor - as if more behind a table
shy a member Sounds of kisses excited me even more.
She searched for the Big Love and sharp sensations. If about the first Patrician already
It was much easier to it to open to the first comer to the man the body, than
Pillows. After a while Lora has left. Eleonora has got up,
Very much loved) and having thrown my feet on the shoulders, Fred has shipped in me the
More the bias against it thaws and the passionate desire increases. Probably,
Spoke about you, but we thought, that you have already left. I of nothing
Somehow was compressed and has blinked. Michael with simplification has noticed, that a brassiere at
On a neck and a member. Blood small drops fell on a floor.
Table from painful voluptuousness. Highly lifted up feet have begun to tremble it and
To Christina round a belt, and another, dispersing on the ends, has passed
I all burnt, felt as strained dummies of breasts
On a stomach, hips, popke quickly having slipped to it between legs, and it

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- Christina, come to me the day after tomorrow to five! Only that
My body and though I with force have compressed feet, its fingers sone times
I have directed a flesh, instead of any substitute Aleshu where on -
At Tamara - billjuten,
Is a new kind of braces-chulkoderzhatelej. To me it recently
It not at once, but took my member to herself. Then has embraced me for shoulders
Lobok Christinas were nearby JAdviginogo persons. One hand having fastened to
- No, - silly smiling he has answered.
- No.
- Thanks, to you sir Juzef, - has thanked Irka for water, - I you

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It did not give any value. She has had time to think, that it has opened to it
Slippery and, having moved apart edges, has easily sliped into place
That. It and remained in a training knitted suit.
Last year medinstituta) withh which it was in the sexual
In I has gone to Veronica.
Minutes I have heard, as Natasha began not to groan, not
In total also it was entirely gave to its caress. Michael, having groped over small lips
And again its touches forced it to shiver, and again its voice, forced
The spasm has passed on my body, hands and feet have small begun to tremble,
Dzhulija with a fright has rolled up a head every which way:
Through all of thnem it was well visible; if one of rooms was
And with impatience waited, when at last its member will plunge into mine
Has entered into a vagina. A shivering hand it took a subject of the desires and
Dense also is not ready to accept in itself a member of the impressive sizes. It
Between them there, me it was not visible. Feet Aleshi were densely
On its throat the spasm has run, some times it has swallowed. I have lifted
It. Documents and money fortunately have appeared at me with themselves, and
Has not turned up to us with Liej, we with nedj, probably, from mind sosh -
Something was created improbable. She greedy kissed the unexpected
Here, at me in a bedroom. I will show to you, expensive, my new dresses.

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Vagina walls.
- To me so it is new and it is pleasant with you, darling Jadviga!
To remember, some more years of years back it had a reputation "mad" - lived a little
Shoulders, finished together with me, it is literally filling in my vagina sperm.
Fig berries, and having thrust one in a mouth, began to go down back to the quiet
Respect of this or that, not enough time has passed since the moment
Body, and the hand has compressed vertically standing member Aleshi. Ale -
Had a rest. Stanislav, having felt JAdvigu, has felt the man's
- 7 -
Was not such hard and strong, as this time. Having made weak movement, it

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Thin stream of scarlet blood zastruilae from its vagina, spreading on
The same has flown and in a head Patricians, but its new caresses have caused the new
All wished to help it.
The patrician a back felt the shrill admired sights of men and
Fright, but only for an instant. There was a crafty smile.
And zo a mouth it has taken
Hand when I have entered. I have saty down near to Aleshej, have drunk with it from
She has impudently and cheerfully offered. - I eat also a cot just my size a little...
Yacht sterns. Also began to remove the T-short.
- Happens, sweet, better, and you will see today it.
That has seen that, snachalo has revolted me: after all I waited for it. Naked, it
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Exactly at midnight, a door having opened,
- What you beautiful! - JAdviga has embraced Christina for shoulders and it is gentle
To breathe. Its breast often rose. I too began to dump on thw sly with
Hair. I have dissolved with fingers gentle lips and have seen there a partition,
ravlenija the chamber or removed me, these minutes as that not for -
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To terminate ". I thought, that they will put on now, but I was mistaken. Fred something
"Hosh. Sit down to me on feet!"
renkah - the man. Lips it has clung to a bosom of the woman, and goals -
Are my cigarettes, - it has gloomy muttered.
Has got a fright, has moved, wishing to be pulled out and escape. But I it not
To body, touching and as though studying it. Having understood, that already dozvo -
Me! Kiss me, the lovely girl! Oh, as to me it is good!... Faster!
Basin and at each immersing in its body of a member, passionately groaned. Suddenly
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Stanislav in our house. Having referred that in two rooms goes
And at me to you except the husband was nobody.
- The lesbian it is much more pleasant than many men. As I noticed...
- Happens, sweet, better, and you will see today it.
My person to the lips, at me the head has begun to spin. "That you do?", -
Laid, being afraid to stir, only the speeded up breath gave out its internal
Five meeting! - he has strictly looked at the wife as if it is guilty: - Where
On damp lips, I was frightened and hardly breathing have whispered: it "is not necessary".
She searched for the Big Love and sharp sensations. If about the first aPtrician already
Lives some men when we sat at restaurant, to our little table

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Down. Cautiously having moved apart feet lory the Marchioness a mouth has nestled on lips
zhin Alexey - it for an instant has faltered.
And it for eggs - suffice
"Whether-kuper" also two man's hands unbuttoning on them the lock. Dzhulija,
Has thrown off a dress. Together they have unbuttoned a corset and have removed pantolony,
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Something to tell, I have inserted to it into a mouth the member. She tried
Dzhulija has tried to jump, but Michael a push in a breast has forced it
Somewhere in between mum's feet. At pinkish light of a floor lamp I distinctly saw

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Has snatched on me. Its man's force was simply amazing. Such
Has begun to yell - "p" p "!!!
Has got out, dragging behind itself a huge bag. The driver wished to take load, but
The bulb - the silent witness to delightful merge to two shone
Having raised her foot to enter the member. It is very convenient to make introduction at
And it to it menetku,
Has safely reached?
Easy disappointment. To me it was a little sick, all is a shame also
On damp folds of an undercover input in its bosom, admiring the opened show.
I guessed, that to me it had women. But the past
On vlozhenju money in the earth.
Somehow was compressed and has blinked. Michael with simplification has noticed, that a brassiere at
Except a meeting with you it is planned nothing. I one will be dying of boredom!
- And kissed men still somewhere? - He in an emphasis looked at the girl,
The patrician has pulled out a pillow on the left cot from under a coverlet, has leant it to
Mouth, it was curved by an arch, having felt, as its strong fingers tenderly
vat. Liju the details distinguishing my floor it very interested.
I have on the sly slightly opened a door and have glanced in a drawing room. There nobody
Began to meet less often. I was engaged in the life device, us -

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The driver has shrugged shoulders, but to contradict did not become.
Has come? "- I at last have whispered. -" I ask you, leave ". But it, having pressed
Pleasure absorbed in tself this with what not comparable for -
The big slightly swelled up a little sponges, were seen small rozo -
per only to prevail upon Natashku, but together it was already easier. In
My feet and hips have been densely compressed, it hardly entered into a vagina and
la, that to me is sick. I have made movement and was released from sve -
Life itself. And for this purpose I did not need to go to Munich...
Alesha has put a hand on chestnut Liin a hillock and became pog -

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Its member has highly risen, and he has again wanted to have me. Though the intercourse with
Remained to lay. Alex has unbuttoned the lock, has pulled together it absolutely. Dzhulija all
The person of the girl deformed from a paain, the sight has then translated more low and has seen, how
The English accent all the same gives out it is the foreigner.
He with curiosity looked at it. In incorrect light of a fire he resembled on
And in an instant faced to us naked.
Fingers, its head is bared, and here - here will come to be in me. I
The girl?
Sat on a sofa and sang songs, I have felt, as it
JAdviga did not know. And, as you will come, pass at once in this office, here
The driver has shrugged shoulders, but to contradict did not become.
Disturbs, it is destiny of all girls ". And mum has embraced me and gently became
atsii, has silly asked me: "You have already returned?"
Dizzinesses of feeling naslozhdenija teeth to gnaw began passionately it
With any desire looking after all event.
It is true - each woman in sensations for a member of the man is various.
Movements by a member, it quickly finishes, not being interested, that tests in it
Carriage. It left JAdviga and Christina and hvae gone to a bedroom of my wife. I
Moving back, it smoothly took out and again exhausted already against the stop the

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vogo a member. We with Liej have got the best dresses and have prepared ve -
I have assured Natasha, that all I understand, is not offended absolutely not, and,
Has stared at dancing, charming uvulas of a flame.
Old, but tidy enough, the boat slowly came nearer to a stone mooring
hTere has arrived his son Rem, the student of university where he was engaged on
Hardly it is audible I have whispered, but Fred did not listen to me. Quickly having lifted me on
It happens blgodaren for these natural impulses and as threefold
The girl?
ruchili to organise heat in the house. In banke we were well washed,
To iron my breast. I have pretended, that I notice nothing. We

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And having received the affirmative answer continued. Again the warm
Aperture of my back. Low having hung a head, I have made the counter
dyj, hot and slightly damp. Alesha did not interfere with me of races -
Has attentively looked at me, I have not sustained its sight and have flashed
Lii it was possible to mould a cleanliness figure, and virgiinties,
Has put it on knees on sofa edge. Itself has risen on a floor. It already
They laid motionlessly, having turned over on a back, and rest -
The girl felt at pleasure top, feeling, as two mouths
Has stopped.
My God, as it has tortured us! Some scenes forced pe -
Has woken me by a breakfast and has told, that Martha came and asked that
And where Eleonora? - The young nun, not knowing, that pol has changed with
Feet, laying from above, the member enters into a vagina. Having maed a little
I during the moment have found vnimane,
Dzhulija has understood, that it is all. Its unique hope - Alex, which
He it explains all,
Made on it any magic action. Gentle, from the white smkooth
Bookcase, sofa huge.
From boats the motor has begun to roar and has there and then decayed.
From me the member, with force exhautsing back. Simultaneously it the left hand

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Was confused, but then began to compare feet JAdvigi to feet of the model in
Has rested against stomach Eleonory. Its fingers with which he tried to help a member,
The blonde has smiled and has answered, that the radiogramm pereda -
(Even has given out I will knead the book,
Day after day chredoju went.
To my breast. Itself, being in position standing on a floor, has moved apart mine
And, obviously, not knowing what to tell and do in created to a sieve -
- Well, - that has indifferently answered and took the ticket.
Result the man quickly finishes, and the girl long lays, not understanding,
Happened selodm Often, having learnt new from each other, we rememberedf it with

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Angry all it, I have snatched on Aleshu, when it
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Stanislav for test for itself of its force and power.
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Very smoothly. Walls were as goffered. I was afraid, that
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That "and when I had a desire to feel in itself movement
However, I here was not lonely. My girlfriend, 17-year-old Martha,
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To my breast. Itself, being in position standing on a floor, has moved apart mine
She should get acquainted with this Albanian and if it shows the initiative,
Fingers. The obstacle was convex, and in the middle of it was ma -
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So our court this time
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Its all body burnt fire, the breast did not suffice air.
To replace everything, not for the world the world I will not leave with
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stvenna, you possess the strongly pronbounced female beginning. If with
It was inconvenient me before Aleshej. To it and so it was necessary not -
As has done the way rest - I do not remember. I remember only, that at
It is a shame!... - its eyes have been closed, but the body began to help a body
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- How not to want such charm!
This night I finished some times and was happy.
- Do not leave me one! - asked JAdviga. - At me today
Stanislav in lips, then dummies of its breast, has risen and has incurred the
Began to fall gradually more low, ironing the girl on a stoach, and has slipped
The hips which completeness not in forces was to hide a long dress of the nun.
As uncle Fred. In the morning I have risen with a strong headache. I have understood, that
Even has taken a great interest in a collecting of similar cards, fotogra -
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- Natasha now your turn.
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The unknown author - Eleonora
Measured way of its house will break nothing.
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- Well, all right, go!
JAdviga has risen with konen and rubbed the naked body about the naked
Michael has risen and began to unbutton a fly:
Sofa, having lowered feet on a floor. I approached and, widely having moved apart feet,
rja on that it was thin, hips and a stomach were accurately about -
Such delightful pleasure this strong, laconic man, which
It is more theoretically, than practically the law.
JAdviga and Christina and, cheerfully stirring, have entered into the hokuse. I already tired to work
Was afraid of this affinity, but today, this farewell night, has solved
Has opeend to me the wonderful book of a life, from which many, earlier not clear,

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la... All has swelled up and is not closed. Still, at me a hand not that -
Almost all of them were from a pink or white stone and against covered with a dust
dili difficult hairdresses. Aleshe, the truth to dress was especially not -
Me in a head. And, having thrown the book, I have rushed to the parlourmaid. It amazed
lo. - girls - I have called.
- What you with them will do?
Has spread inside. However, after that at me two days itched in the back
It bezdonno deep eyes.
Next day I have noticed, that JAdviga feels very much
Delightful feelings. Long live Its Majesty the Case, - mentally
And by sixteen years
Having salted, has told p words:
Closing an input in depth of a body. Having inserted a head strained to
Faster and faster! Stanislav helped, podderzhaja its widely moved apart
Kisses its stomach and a hip. It was attracted uncontrollably to itself with a small small animal,
Absolutely young, youths, but physically strong, but hesitating of women
Natasha. Having bitten off the scorched wick and having given to warm wax on -
At night has silently got on a train
Laying, in a mouth and in sraku.
Breast. That to it it was convenient, I rastegnula the top button.

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Here the picture of the bared man has seemed. JAdviga has specified a finger
p to doll p.
Stanislav. JAdviga began to speak many flatter words, slyshannyh it about
Intolerable desire. Michael's hand, potiskav free from zasosa a breast,
Dress, having opened almost all harmonous leg. Snachalo Stanislav
Depth of a vagina. Alesha was velikovat for it. For all time
- Happens, sweet, better, and you will see today it.
nja. On its person expressions of confusion were quickly replaced and is -
Caresses JAdvigi began to raise Christina.
Only immersing a head. Seeing, that any unpleasant posled -

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Other place. Knowing, that Alesha loves tselovatmenja in most not -
Over Aleshej on hunkers, too faced to a mirror, took its member
Beginning at the basis of a member covered hzivchik the count. Hands of the Marchioness
The weakened muscles also will fall asleep, satisfied how usually arrived it
The spouse.
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As it is possible to ship language Eleonory in the vagina more deeply. The nun, all
- 7 -
It it is very cautious, even it is shy, has concerned bugorka venery, having spent the back
The identical. It seemed all idnividuality and imagination architects put
tsii and whether you know the radiogramm in party, that I is told
Me in temples. To thrust in it the member, only already more likely, more likely
Has moved apart thighs. She has felt, as hands of the count have found its breasts and language
dja has felt something wrong, and has turned a head in mine hundred -
pogruzit it up to the end. Then by council Aleshi we have replaced it
- To anybody, sir Juzef, I swear to you! - in the opinion of it the fear has flashed.
The skin, yet not absolutely generated maiden breast, with the pink small
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There they have not appeared. Neither in a reception, nor in their dining room too was not.
To adjust a deisel engine, and then a wind-driven generator. From it smelt as gasoline and ma -
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Also has uttered one question:
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Sometime to show this film as evident on -
- That you, that you! Remain! - we have told unanimously. - we you
Effort of her hand the head softly moves apart her lips, each time
Between feet it became suddenly wet, as though an eye which I wished to spread,
Me! - she asked, bringing the grown pushed by me
The shaved person of the intellectual made impression of softness of character. But
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Love board.
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There was only a whisper. Hand Rema has concerned my breast while another
Mad expedition it is reached so quickly. She thought of the world much worse.
She has asked the employee of the airport.
- I always need to know that to what. You that wish to tell, that never
Unexpectedly Martha has told, that I should make so that Martha remained
And a siphon with water cold.
It was absolutely simple only I have learnt it later.
Excitation has passed. I felt completely devastated.
Also has taken seat for a table. "At you is not present to drink?" - has asked Fred. I have got a bottle
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Fingered hair on my head. I have laid down on a back, have planted it on knees
Once again is born from a black distance of the sea, painting all in the bewitching
Read the book of the French writer. It is a sexual fiction
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Roughness of its body.
Steblova M - the Stepmother
Much: have transferred reports, have introduced in the house an order. In the evening
Dzhulija has understood, that it is all. Its unique hope - Alex, which
It has worked on it, as an ice shoewr, instantly having pulled out from the world of the wonderful
Charmingly also has exclaimed playfully:
Naivety! What naivety. After all it not artificial, it live!
From prison Felistu has rescued.
And a head of the girl - over that place of body JAdvigi where feet converged with
Sliding movements, Mauri has powerfully earned back and thbe member deeply has tired out in
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Stomach, under my moving member the corner lobka was visible only,
On ladies' dance. Alesha it has appeared the gallant gentleman. It stro -
But, obviously, the intercourses with the man should bring a lot of pleasure. About it
Jingle of coins about eggs,
Lips. In spite of the fact that the head has hardly gone in at me in a mouth, I
JAdvigi, snachalo slowly, shy, but then all faster and faster. - I
Have passed to more intimate, at night I felt languor and
The unknown author - Stekljanaja a door
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Natalia Veselov: ANNIVERSARY
It of a spit as wanted.
And having received the affirmative answer continued. Again the warm
In an armchair, and only its head slightly moved forward towards to movements
Rough palm on its cheek - slowyl and tenderly. This innocent touch
From prison Felistu has rescued.
Gentle kisses. I have wanted to look at it and have included light. It
To it reciprocity.
Any chertik has urged on me, and having thought, I have whisked in a mum's bedroom,

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Shaft its body, suddenly it has started and has asked, whether it is good to me
The name and she did not begin to oppose to own desir:e
- E a little bit.
Me in temples. To thrust in it the member, only already more likely, more likely
- Wait, your turn will not pass has told Lija.
- Give!
gi also hasw whispered:
Was afraid of this affinity, but today, this farewell night, has solved
rah in 15, should be a stationary meteorological station.
Time has got accustomed to Natasha and has left her alone, and not having finished
In a skin a door, on it locks,
Armchair. She did not see, that occurs in bedroom JAdvigi, yes to it was and
Something another. And here it has helped me. "Wait, Alesha", I
- I will bring cards. Give them we will look together.
More strongly. Its hand for a second did not stop to enjoy its young dense
- Wait! - I have told to Christina, - give as they.
Will make it gradually and it will be close only with me. I with tears
The volume suddenly with horror has thought, what after all could it never and not meet,
The strong-willed chin and rigid fold at a mouth warned, that it can
The ancient classics?

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We will belong to death only each other! "- know the darling, only
This male prepedast to it excellent school of sex. I have told Gere, that
- 7 -
- While, - the girl has sent an air kiss and again has turned to
Head. Then I am already conscious have again opened it. Having inclined -
The member in all depth of the vagina, which else continues to push
To itself an artificial member. Christina has become silent, has shut the face with the hands. It
Concerned heads with lips, then some times liznula her lips and at last
She has happily laughed, has fallen to me, began to kiss and
To pull out this harmonous, white, gentle body from Michael's embraces which is languid

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Photos, comparing them with recently seen at home.
Also has decided it to esteem. At this time zaurchala the car also there has arrived uncle Fred.
Knees chulkoderzhatel together with stockings, has laid down from above, having put the left
Somewhere will come up once.
That Feliste to explain.
More full the top. It had beautiful hands with well-groomed a nail -
Pressure, it has not sustained and began to help itself a hand. Suddenly its body
In a cabin. Steps abruptly left downwards and in the light of the bright sun the girl
Has paid attention to my raised person and ordered to lay down quickly to me
Began to fall gradually more low, ironing the girl on a stomach, and has slipped
Embraces of this person. It put me on itself(himself), laying on a back and its member
Always covered it, substituting under a hand kiss. Now,
Last lover.
Certainly, that we did with Martha, delivered me a lot of pleasure,
Moved to a step to its steps. Eyes of the Marchioness, having seen off the novice, have lighted up
- That you, me and so it is good with you! I am afraid this piece there, I still
Concerned a breast of the husband. At such position the member will sit deeply in
Has hung on my shoulders. I could not understand, that to it have occurred, so
Luxury of pleasure, and she has ceased to think in general about something. To it it was simple
To caress. I have prompted Lie...

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With any desire looking after all event.
Therefore I did not have an interest. I asked Martha to tell, how
That they so hurried up, tcho had noot time to undress to the end (
To breathe. Its breast often rose. I too began to dump on the sly with
To arrive to a city and to call it. I have agreed with pleasure and promised on
Has directed a head of a member to a crack between feet and has pressed.
Eyes has not opened.
The breast heatedly rose and fell. JAdviga has laid down on it and
Telecasts in French though talk to the Frenchman hardly could.
It is soiled and has on the sly come in a bathroom that it to wash. And

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roh, I have crept up to them and began to iron Alyoshin jaichki and have hung -
The girl, has evaporated instantly, not having left on itself of the slightest memoirs. It
That p two caskets,
That Feliste to explain.
Also has added:
Stanislav in our house. Having referred that in two rooms goes
Antonina Ivanovna it is disturbing has looked at us and left,
Smaller and narrow, than Natasha, and I tried not to cause to it
To be liberated, push out it from a mouth, but I held it strong for hair
The chairman I tear up has given.
On a neck and a member. Blood small drops fell on a floor.
toryj conducted at us a practical training. After that we with Liej
The finger gently concerned different corners in me, was flexible and
"By the way with us the inspector was,
hom, moving apart its buttocks. I have inserted to Natasha a tip and just about
- Yes? - She has indignantly turned back. - well and with you and in general to speak not about
The member and in exhaustion was stretched about me. "Dear, I want you",
Pleasure absorbed in itself this with what not comparable for -
Blanket and, strong having compressed feet, has indulged in the thoughts. I understood, that Rem
It calmed her.

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Has stopped a sight at the passenger who all flight has vegetated on a deck, not
Collar, it went to a registration rack, habitually noticing, that the passing
For work to Munich... And who would like to work in nineteen years? I all
sha did not interfere, when the member has appeared against blizhajshchej to
Joyful, painful heat. Even it seemed to it, what even through dense
Each time said on a miscellaneous, putting each time in this word it is so much,
On a shelf over a cot cigarettes and a lighter laid. She has stretched a ahnd and is lazy
To rush about under JAdvigoj.
Glass. - then even if we will be absolutely drunk that us to hesitate,
- Be not afraid, pretty, we will make it not so big.

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Feet, it as bewitched, looked at its genitals shining
Lienu a hand a greasing drop. The culmination came nearer. Hands Ale -
JAdviga and Christina and, cheerfully stirring, have entered into the house. I already tired to work
JAdvigi, snachalo slowly, shy, but then all faster and faster. - I
livalis on a towel and before my eyes there was a picture,
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I have been strongly raised and told to Martha about a film,
The man puts the girl on a back, moves apart to it feet and, having inserted a head,
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Wine-glasses, we have drunk and Alesha poocheredi has kissed us. Kisses were
- Only look, do not accustom to drinking girls, they at me modest
Admiring it from different directions, JAdviga has told:
- Lija, lag behind, do not stir!
Breasts. - at first I read, I will not fall asleep yet, and then I sleep.
How from the wmoan?
Had supper and have dispersed on the rooms to result itself in
- Mummy! Mummy - voskriknula Christina. - it is sick!
Whether it too did not hasten to take an interest the help is required to it.
It was the delightful love, and I was burnt with desire literally.
Love board.

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Had supper and have dispersed on the rooms to result itself in
Forces to process simultaneously two young women, considering, that Gera
Clamped from three parties sprawling cypresses, the cosyg small took places
Has told nothing. Martha listened to me, having concealed breath. After that we with
Was accepted to business and in some minutes fingers any more were not
Whims as she will wish that. If this night is at the first night for
Time we faded, densely having nestled to each other. Was
Is you should make, - the Volume has smiled.
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To understand, that occurs, as Fred has dumped clothes from itself and it has appeared on
And has not terminated. Only at daybreak, when it again began to rnter into me
And then, having yawned with boredom,
Superpleasures, also began to seardch for men with such huge member as at
As if having understood its desire, having reached the middle, the member has stopped, and became
Before it. Its sponges have converged still completely, and was visible
As could, p,
Today at us great day. Ours "the main director" - Lija
To excite the wife, most remaining rather quiet. And in this
Dense walls of a vagina in my body the hot thick member was hammered. Rem
In an armchair, and only its head slightly moved forward towards to movements
Whether from passion which storms in a breast of the young nun. Full breasts with
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And where Eleonora? - The young nun, not knowing, that pol has changed with
Punching of a virgin film, it is necessary to do not when the girl
- Sir Juzef, it is not necessary! The mistress will flog me that I at you!...
To spend with me this last night in our life in traditions of night
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Being stuck into damp depth. Caress was with what is not comparable,
Sight in this live, kolyhajushchuju from excitation a breast.
Member searched Natashin for an input.
Nearby a room of my mum ".
Part 4
When not oshchibalsja though we also thought out differdnt dodges that
On a neck and a member. Blood small drops fell on a floor.
Has fallen arms of the spouse. How that at them will be now?
vym, a strong body. Luja did not reduce eyes of that is more
Few times it accidentally

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Me to a pillow, continued to kiss greedy my eyes, a neck, a breast...
lo. - girls - I have called.
Having raised her foot to enter the member. It is very convenient to make introduction at
It dooprosov has removed not a little,
Girls. The languid desire spread on all its body, it was disconnected from
With things I somehow did not think at this time of a suitcase. When I
- No, - looking at it with pure, clear eyes has answered the Patrician.
It is so much force? Yesterday, you represent, have drunk superfluous, and all under a mouse
There have passed some minutes of the silence broken only to ours are speeded up -
Has caught it in p,
Lija with Natasha in full readiness invite me to itself, and I
Having learnt, that mum has left, it has there and then gathered back, as one of these days they
Has started to think, whether all has dreamt me it. All the day long I walked one in
dolzhatsja long cannot. You should arrange the life, yes
Shy caresses, only getting acquainted with each other to the touch.
Causing to it a pain, and again kissed and licked. Christina only groaned and
- O-o-o! - Christina has loudly screamed and has fallen to a breast, remaining
Also has added:
Has caved in, muscles were captured by a sweet spasm, painfully spreading on
To get the cable became.

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Young, such impatient ". And it has there and then transferred me a box with
chok, its hips prizhmutsja to mine and delightful feeling vzaim -
Heads in a vagina.
At us, Charles, in the first night continued, punching virgin plevu,
Speaks: oh, as warmly!
- The patrician! - again it was pulled out at it. Its fingres enjoyed the hot
- Christina, come to me the day after tomorrow to five! Only that
Only ephemeral barrier of a blanket has cut their hto, captured
The pharynx of back pass and head has dissolved has started to enter into me slowly.
- Direct him, - I have asked.

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It was a shame to me and it is opposite before it and by itself, having shown
- I will bring cards. Give them we will look together.
The name - "Study to enjoy". Jerky I have unbuttoned drawers and
She when a member all left its body has shouted, and forces, kozalos absolutely
Having salted, has told p words:
Has told nothing. Martha listened to me, having concealed breath. After that we with
Its hips has not escaped from attention of the Marchioness. Full buttocks of the girl
Maintenances, and we with interest have begun imh to consider. I all
To throw the back towards to its member. Fred did not hurry up, rhythmically
Also has imperceptibly sliped in the room. After a while I
In I has gone to Veronica.
Mouth has densely nestled on a vagina and has stuck into it lips, pleasantly
To half its fine-moulded foot has opened, and something with great feeling spoke
Has whispered the Marquis has invited the novice to sit down nearby. - Lora, the darling,
The interesting!
Which belonged to Natasha. When I was completely udovletvo -
The volume saw, that in its behaviour something has hardly considerably changed. But what exactly and
In seven hours of driving
Has thrown a towel. The man has opened eyes and something has spoken.
It has habitually checked up sail fastenings, has untied shvartovochnyj a rdpoe. The patrician with

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Has compressed in a fist and quickly drives -
H Basilio, p
p to doll p.
Has risen from knees and has seen Michael who stood, having thrown back a head, with
Them together. Soon through a thin partition I have heard sounds of kisses, and
Foreshortenings of shootings.
It is necessary peredoprosit.
Also has decided it to esteem. At this time zaurchala the car also there has arrived uncle Fred.
To it the bouquet is put by the muzhik,
Me has come off also villages nearby. I impatiently waited, Natasha

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- What shame! - he has exclaimed. - would feel ashamed!
Expectations and she can feel happiness orgazma twice and more. At
Has excited us, and we have terminated with such shout and groan, as never. At
Also I have told "to you is a daddy,
Occurs in other room. The door from both parties was curtained
The unknown author - the Faint
Was now same. To take, giving - only in it he saw the higher
Natasha considered pictures with certain understanding of that,
- Barbara! - he has again called to her. - Barbara, I with you talk!
For free currency.
We about it still will hear.
On a shelf over a cot cigarettes and a lighter laid. She has stretched a hand and isw lazy
The Marquis wants, has obeyed to it. When from it last shirt has fallen, before
- Still, still! - Christina Has begged, continuing to move the body.
The man in a life of the woman ". We with mum have long stayed in its room, and it
Convulsive movements as that time about a tree, has become soft and has fallen nearby
Has sighed and pizdoj it was covered.
To it reciprocity.
It on the present did not manage to be adjusted in any way. Therefore I pros -
And drowsiness slept at once

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Forces to tear off an eye from the screen. Suddenly the tape has ended also the device
Has moved apart more widely a foot, and Alesha has covered with its big body.
To meet the fifth, on Saturday
To all. The marchioness with fear has noticed, that its eyes persistently peer into that
As the stone from soul has fallen down - in pool the lost rejoiced lives
Having concealed the dyhane
Comparing the figure with a figure of the girl of the model from magazine, it
With very large round back,
The edge of a bed-sheet opposite to me, tehn opposite Lii, has smiled
And its second story
And then with a smile silly
The sizes, has greased with ointment.
Tested approach orgazma. Gera, sitting astride a thick member,
The patrician!!!
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pereprobyvali. Then we began to meet less often. I had new
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Feet, it as bewitched, looked at its genitals shining
Bewitched, looked at all... And here its member, has shuddered time, and has risen
- Slightly, - the Volume has answered its assumption.
Natasha has stopped my hand:
By which it is heard from the girlfriends so much, has not brought to me any pleasure.
The blonde has smiled and has answered, that the radiogramm pereda -
As if in a box - p,
- Give I will turn sideways.
predlogaemoe a dress from a decollete.
Dirty mind was given by pleasure consciousness of that in most
Beds, just sideways to me, and I have distinctly seen, how from a shock of hair
Has stopped a sight at the passenger who all flight has vegetated on a deck, not
The bear has furiously begun to roar also has admitted nobody to it. It was necessary to kill her
Have again kissed. And hand Aleshi under a brassiere iorned me. In
To Stanislav. That has looked down, shrugging shoulders it is affirmative
- Natasha, help!
And ladsohka in milk.
By the man detain on it the long, attentive sight burning her
It is free, I on advantage have estimated its film. Well, and now I pe -
Having tickled language. Captured by a passionate impulse, I have seized its hands
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Therefore, as here in p
Has sustained, and the sonorous slap in the face has put to all the end.
Superpleasures, also began to search for men with such huge mwmber as at
Early in the morning we had breakfast. Uncle Fred has left in a city, and we with Remom
- About as it is wonderful!... - she muttered, its eyes have been closed, on
lobok, only started to become covered by hair. Dzhulija did no resist, it
- Natasha, and at me after all turns out! Thanks you Alesha!
Forward, feet have strained, it was extended by all body. Michael did
Only all it lost an essence,

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And again its touches forced it to shiver, and again its voice, forced
jushchih candles, I have noticed, how hand Aleshi has slid off with Liinogo
Walls the doors painted bright colours and window were sharply and cheerfully allocated
It was good to feel again itself in man's embraces! We tantseva -
The talented symphony. The smell of its hair turned a head. It has spent a hand on the abrupt
It it is unbuttoned in front. "The better, - he has thought, - it is not necessary it
p it has turned out
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Have quieted down, raskatilis.
Blanket and, strong having compressed feet, has indulged in the thoughts. I understood, that Rem
After all Tamara to it has told:
- Well, approximately, - it continuhed to try to find out.
- Still so, Lija!
It was inconvenient me before Aleshej. To it and so it was necessary not -
Did not sleep with one girl?
And it poterlas buttocks about my member. It was then discharged,
Which spiilt it.
Has sharply risen and has thrown the feet to Christina on hips, strong
I will make to you of anything bad! I will caress you! - I have gently nestled to
Through all of them it was well visible; if one of rooms was
volosom to gentle, not knowing a pulling together matter of a bra,
Be eaten to me, I test additional pleasure.
- I have asked a silly question, probably, - he has smiled to it.
Photos and pictures it was possible to see all forms of the sexual intercourse.
Alex dumbfounded by such behaviour, nothing understanding, has looked on
Shaft its body, suddenly it has started and has asked, whether it is good to me
It I have felt, as the strong hot stream of sperm has struck in me and
Jeans fabric he feels its hot breath. The girl has unbuttoned
balos, it kissed Natasha on the mouth and the closed eyes. Its hands,
tanovitsja. Natasha has screamed last time, its feet sudo -
The member and in exhaustion was stretched about me. "Dear, I want you",
- And you?
Addressed with Alyoshin a member gently, deeply took away it in
Beds and itself, standing on a floor, widely having moved apart my feet, has begun absolutely
The man very passionate, but too unexperienced, was content with that
pobezhadi on small river. In the evening we again have gone on dances, and then near
The high, beautiful man of 45-48 years. When the daddy was in travelling, Fred
Success at women and reputation of the passionate lover also had not one

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Dostoval it huj quietly,
Waited for me. We have quickly undressed and have settled in bed. On a habit I
la this scene - it would be desirable to learn, on what became capable Lija.
The big slightly swelled up a little sponges, were seen small rozo -
It is necessary to be dragged with a suitcase terrified it.
Forces to process simultaneously two young women, considering, that Gera
But Dzhulija has discharged his hand.
To itself in a mouth. At this time his hands hardly touched my body, smoothly
Chair, has locked a door in a corridor and has rushed on knees befpre it.
Head, and then, having thrown hands on its hips, began to move its back on all

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